Are you allergic to bee stings? Try these remedies to get rid of the allergy.

Bee sting is a painful condition caused by a sting of the honey bee. This problem is very common when you are on outing and camping to explore the beauty of nature. There is a barbed stinger which sticks in the skin if you come in contact with a honey bee.
Bee sting allergy is caused by the venom present in the sting which contains protein. Your immune system reacts to the protein to produce bee sting allergy. You may encounter the following symptoms of bee sting allergy-

  • Swelling at the site of sting area.bee stings
  • Pain and burning sensation at the site.
  • A small white area where the stinger has punctured the skin.
  • Red bump at the site.
    Some people may have anaphylactic reactions which become life threatening condition and requires very prompt treatment. Sometimes the person can even become unconscious within few minutes of a bee sting.
    You can get relief in the symptoms caused by bee sting by following simple home remedies-


As soon as you are bitten by the honey bee, wash the affected area thoroughly with a mild soap and water in order to lessen its effect.


You can get relief in your sufferings with an ice pack. Wrap an ice cube in a cloth and place it on the sting area for at least 20 minutes. It will give you relief from the inflammation caused by the bee sting.


You can apply toothpaste on the sting area to suppress the tingling sensation on the sting area, which will give you relief from the burning pain. It will help to neutralize the acid inn the bee sting which also helps to reduce swelling along with the pain.

Baking Soda, Vinegar and Meat Tenderizer

Baking Soda, Vinegar and Meat Tenderizer for bee stingIt is a powerful paste and considered as a good home remedy to treat bee sting. Apply this paste on the affected area for about 20 minutes and then remove it. It will help to break down the harmful toxins attacking the skin because of an enzyme named as papain present in the meat tenderizer. Baking soda and vinegar help to neutralize the acid found in bee stings.


It acts as a natural healer and provides relief from the pain caused due to a bee sting. You can cover the affected area with honey to get quick relief.

Epsom Salt

It plays an important role to heal the affected area due to a bee sting. Make a paste of some Epsom salt and water and then apply it on the sting area to eliminate its symptoms effectively and efficiently.

Lavender Essential oil

lavender oil for bee stingThis essential oil is excellent for healing and soothing the bee sting. It can ease discomfort and gently reduce the infuriating itching and reduce the swelling. By applying one drop of lavender oil directly on the sting site you will get rid of your suffering caused by the bee sting.

These remedies will definitely work for you and reduce the stings severe allergic reactions naturally. They will not have any side effect because these remedies include natural ingredients which are simply safe and gently deals with your allergic reactions.

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