Masturbation and Acne- Is There Any Relation

young woman Squeezing pimple looking on mirrorMasturbation is believed to be a stigma in the society and there are thousands of myths and hoaxes airing over the internet across thousands of websites quoting the relation between masturbation and acne. Today if you explore the internet searching masturbation and acne, you would probably find innumerable search results that claim of having a direct relation between masturbation and manifestation of acne. No scientific study has come to a conclusion that there is a direct relation between masturbation and acne.

Is Masturbation Causes Acne?

To be frank, acne is not the result of masturbation rather it should be linked with some underlying health issues such as an imbalanced hormone, weak immune system or deficiency of nutritional values. Masturbation is always thought to have a bad habit in the society and no one talks about it openly making it a secret thing that should not be discussed in the society. Even after several studies have proven that masturbation certainly helps in boosting the health and improves mental pressure, there are some misanthropes roaming around the globe that are misguiding naive people and making them worried.

acne face 3Acne is a skin condition that usually affects when some of the underlying health issues are present in the body such as weak immune system, imbalanced hormone etc. It is a condition where your sebaceous glands start dysfunction and start producing an excessive amount of sebum resulting in excessive excretion of sebum blocking the way of your pores by clogging up with dead skin cells, sebum, and microorganisms. When bacteria and other microorganisms start flourishing on your skin then the most advanced symptoms of acne starts manifesting on your skin making your skin more prone to some of the external threats that may further deteriorate your skin condition. So we can see here is that hormonal imbalance is the main cause of acne manifestation on your skin, therefore you should not believe some of the hoax articles published across websites.

According to Dan Kern a founder of “We know that humans with high androgen levels tend to experience more severe acne symptoms. We also know that humans with higher androgen levels tend to have a higher sex drive. This may explain why some people who are more sexually active, with themselves or partners, May at times experience more acne symptoms. Whether abstinence would increase or decrease acne in such individuals is up for debate.” The aforementioned statement has been made by the founder of and he is not sure as well that acne is related to masturbation or not. Well, all these are the contradictory subjects and should be scrutinized thoroughly in order to come to a decisive conclusion.

It has always been difficult for the scientist’s community to answer the above question and till date, they haven’t come to a conclusion in the context of the linkage of acne and masturbation. Masturbation and acne should not be linked together because there isn’t even single scientific evidence. Therefore we can say here is that the answer to the question “is there any relation between masturbation and acne?” is no and you should not worry the claims and so called statements that are being made by some of the websites present on the internet until you don’t have a scientific proof.

Acne is not fatal disease anyone can easily get rid of acne by using simple and effective home remedies for acne.

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