Natural Cough Remedies for Persistent & Dry Coughs

Cough is a natural reaction of the body which primarily occurs when the body wants to get rid of irritant and mucus from the lungs. Neither cough is bad thing nor it is a disease but it could be sometime the indication of something wrong going in your body. Occasional cough doesn’t cause any major complication as this is a normal aspect of the life but the circumstances may alter where a persistent cough comes into existence. There are numbers of complications have been related to persistent cough including viral or bacterial infection, smoking, asthma, tuberculosis, lung cancer and other respiratory infection.
Primarily cough doesn’t need an intensive care as it can be easily managed by even following natural remedies. However, sometime it may need proper care where the persistent cough emerge else you need to always go with natural treatment. Nature has provided us a huge variety of natural ingredients which are immensely assisting in managing any sorts of Persistent & Dry Coughs related complications. Consider following below mentioned natural treatment options to treat cough naturally.

Honeyuse honey for cough

Honey has long been used in treating a large amount of health complications including Persistent & Dry Coughs and sore throat. The potent and natural agents found in honey have abundant positive influence throughout the body. A study that has conducted by Penn state college of medicines found that honey can more efficiently work against Persistent & Dry Coughs than OTC Medicines. Not only are this study but there other numbers of studies have conducted which claim that honey is extremely fruitful in managing the condition of cough. Honey has long been known that have potent antibacterial properties which can eliminate the bacteria related to Persistent & Dry Coughs.


use garlic for cough

Most of the people always try not to consume raw garlic just because of its unpleasant smell. However, some people forcefully consume raw garlic for getting health benefits of garlic. This is a truth that there are very few natural ingredients available that can compete with the advantages of garlic. The allicin present in garlic has strong anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antifungal properties that can immensely assist you to manage the Persistent & Dry Coughs related complications.


Gargle saltdo gargling for cough

Gargling with lukewarm salted water can immensely assist you in soothing pain and any discomfort caused by the cough. It has the potential in eliminating inflammation and bacteria that might have associated to infection which produce cough.

Licorice root

use licorice root for cough

Licorice root has been widely used in numerous health complications especially in soothing sore throat. It is blessed with potent anti-inflammatory properties which reduce the inflammation caused by the persistent cough and also helps in soothing cough.


Go through steaming processdo steaming process for cough

Steam is an immensely underrated natural process when it comes to treat cold, cough or sore throat. I don’t know why people do not use steaming therapy for getting rid of cough. You might not know but steaming therapy has great influence in treating pain or discomfort such as cough and its related pain. It acts like a natural analgesic which should not be ignored in any way. Whenever, you receive steam for your air passes, you typically help your lung to be smooth and irritants free. It also acts like anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antifungal properties that are extremely necessary for you to manage the condition of cough.

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